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Alpha & Omega was founded in 1959 to provide microscope service to the Washington D.C, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Deleware & West Virginia area. Our highly trained technicians service all brands. We believed that quality service offered at a fair price would naturally attract a quality clientele. We have since expanded to a microscope sales and service company with customers all over the world.


Alpha & Omega offers new and used microscopes by a myriad of manufacturers such as: Omega, Olympus, Nikon, Leica, Swift, Labomed, Motic and others. We also offer a variety of digital camera specifically designed for microscopy. Our microscopes are used by Medical and Research Laboratories, Universities and Colleges, Hospitals, High Schools, Veterinarians, Medical Doctors, and Industry.


What We Do:


Alpha & Omega Service offers comprehensive periodic maintenance for most makes and models of microscopes and microtomes.


This service includes:

  • Clean optical system and stand

  • Adjust mechanical components where applicable

  • Inspect and align the following components where applicable: eyepieces, reticles, objectives, prisms/mirrors, filters, light exit window, phase contrast, Hoffman interference, Normarski, fluorescence, polarizing, D.I.C, coarse/fine adjustment, mechanical stage, interpupillary adjustment, diaphragm, field aperture, nose piece, sub-stage carrier, condenser, cord, plug, light switch, potentiometer, bulb, brightness quality.


A trained technician will per-form the work or-site for your convenience. Any need for repairs is reported to you and work is completed upon your approval.

About Emergency Service:


Emergency service is a vital part of what we do. Quick, efficient service is a must. We have a healthy supply of replacement parts and accessories in stock and have access to all of the major suppliers and manufacturers.

Types of clients we service:

  • Doctors Offices

  • Veterinarian Hospitals

  • Medical Centers

  • Clinical Laboratories

  • Private Schools

  • Public Schools

  • Universities

  • Colleges

  • Research Centers

  • Manufacturers

  • Electronics Firms


Products page and store front coming soon!

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